We know the pain of not being able to save money, so we created Reservar.

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Beautifully designed mobile application to make saving money simple & easy.

Artificial Intelligence which understands your financial life and works for you to save money.

Track your savings and spends at a glance.

Know how much money
is Safe-to-Save

Do you find budgets cumbersome and therefore savings tedious? Reservar understands and seeks to make your financial life simpler by using artificial intelligence to determine the right amount for you without you feeling the pinch. So go ahead and spend more time doing things you like than worrying about mundane things like a budget.

Choose your own Speed of Saving

Control your speed of saving with Reservar by just sliding to your choice, aggresive to easy-going mode. Good thing, you can customize anytime.

Accelerate your journey by investing seamlessly

Once you have saved enough, let Reservar help you invest in an instrument of your choice. Our algorithms learn from your choices and behavior, and narrow down instruments for you to select.

Behind the Scenes



Nikhil is a rare combination of a boxer and a musician who cant sleep when he has a problem in his head. Has led teams and created businesses ground up in the past.
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Anupam is crazy for Math, Physics, Stats and CS Theory. He has been a professor, a researcher at IITs in the past, has held corporate R&D and startup leadership roles more recently.
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Akhilesh is better known as the product god and has always been passionate about developing products that make life easier. He's a professional swimmer and has won multiple product hackathons.
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*Early access is by invitation only. Request access today.